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Have you come as a tourist and want to see all the sights of the city in one day? There is discomfort due to the long-term repair of your own car. The company offers an excellent solution to such problems-cheap car rental arrange meetings with business partners with maximum benefit by renting a business class car; executive class car rental will help you prepare a chic meeting with family members, friends or business partners at the railway station or at the airport Renting a minibus is a good solution for a trip to nature with a large company or family. If the car plans to transport a child, a child seat will be installed in the cabin; economy class cars are ideal for those who need to complete all the planned tasks without any restrictions on movement. The main task of the company is an affordable and convenient car rental The company offers profitable cooperation not only to tenants, but also to car owners and rental companies. Tenants have the opportunity to arrange the rental of a suitable vehicle both at the company's own parking lot and in partner transport parks. Every citizen can rent a car if he has a passport and a driver's license. Lessors are offered no less favorable conditions. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a law firm that rents your cars using a source, you constantly receive a stable income. In this case, the commission is not charged for the rental of vehicles by companies.

Catalog of cars available for car rental

30 CAD per hour

black car, mechanics

32 CAD per hour

white car for the city, automatic

35 CAD per hour

white car SUV

39 CAD per hour

low tinted car

29 CAD per hour

high car for hunting and fishing lovers

27 CAD per hour

sports white car

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how to choose a car?

There are many advantages of renting a car. Even if you have your own means of Transportation, this option is worth considering for several reasons at once. In our country, renting a car for travel is rare: more often, this possibility is used for various events and in case of special need. Criteria for choosing a vehicle for rent how to choose a car for rent
1. Physique. The type of bodywork is the determining factor, which more than others affects the choice of car at all. If you need a presentable and solid option-choose a sedan. For a family or a large business, they are better than any other hatchback or station wagon. For outings in the countryside it is better to take an SUV (for off-road) or a pick-up (for off-road and Country Roads). A universal option for almost all use cases is a crossover: such a car has a soft suspension, a relatively high patency, looks good and offers a large amount of space.

2. Look. Depending on the destination of the rented car, it is also worth paying attention to its appearance. For urban travel, this is not of particular importance, only if there are no clear signs of" cruel " treatment on the car — then it is worth taking a look at the chassis of the part and the engine (a separate paragraph of the article will cover this).

3. Model and manufacturer. Also worth paying attention to such banal parameters as the manufacturer of the car, the model and the year of production. The practice shows that less popular are cars from Korean, Chinese and domestic manufacturers. The same applies to Eastern European brands-for example, Skoda is a good car, but initially budget, not an example of Mercedes, BMW or Lexus.
4. Condition of the salon. When you find out if the outside of the machine is right for you, it is worth sorting the interior. Watch the seat cover. The height and position adjustment should also work-after departure you probably won't have time to change the car for this reason, and in comfort you will certainly lose..

5. Amount of free space. Every potential customer of a company that borrows a car should come for a tour in the company with everyone. Together, you can easily determine whether there is enough space in the cabin is more comfortable travel, you can get behind the wheel, and your companion on the seat behind you. As the atmosphere in the chair to rest, it is better to make a different choice.

6. Availability of DVR. An important point that will help to avoid many questionable situations. If there is still no room for the DVR, you should make it clear to the landlord whether you can use your own DVR to avoid heavy fines for a traffic accident.
7. Other options. Find out if there is a seat under the child seat and if the company rents it. Check the seat belts and fasteners in advance. Ideally, you should come with the child and let him sit in the chair-it will take a long time, and all inconveniences will be remembered for a long time and seriously spoil the impression of the trip.
8. Chassis and engine standing. The most responsible point on the list is the inspection of the technical repair of vehicles. It will not be possible to check it "by eye". The only option is to drive the car through the parking lot. Make sure the steering wheel turns smoothly in both directions-many vehicles during the ride may have power steering problems.
10. Rubber condition. Rubber is another parameter that is extremely important to assess before choosing a car for rent. First, it must be determined by the season. The Protector shall not be erased more than half of its original state. Separately, it is worth checking whether the wheels are pumped: this is felt when driving in the parking lot, although it is better to additionally easily tap the wheel when checking.